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jimmy kinley


it all started with a dream...

The 5,000' View

In addition to Kinley Consulting, I'm CEO of Kinley Corporation, a sixth generation family business that is responsible for the creation of 40+ businesses, and six transitions from father-to-son ownership.  My father, JL Kinley, alone has been involved in 23 of those businesses, so to say entrepreneurship is in my blood would be an understatement.  What also comes with that business experience is an understanding of how to solve problems related to people, businesses and culture, but not by myself.  The Kinley Culture is one built off of humility and harmony, which has provided a proven history of success as well as a tremendous amount of resources at our fingertips that I want to put to use.  "Building Relationships and Building Businesses," is where I believe I have a unique ability based on my lifetime exposure to business situations, coupled with an education, to provide the most value to others. 

Since I've broke away on my own, I am now involved or have helped several new companies.  [See list of companies here].

My Story

It’s hard to pinpoint that moment of time where a switch was flipped and I knew it was time to take control of my life.  I think it was more like a dimmer switch, slowly seeing a light get brighter and brighter until BOOM, I can fully see what I need to do.  And once you see it's time to make a move, you can’t unsee it...the challenge is actually making that move!


I took a leap of faith, and I made a move...



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