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Kinley Corporation (a resource to Kinley Consulting):

  • Celebrated 110 Years in Business in September, 2019

  • Jimmy Kinley is currently the 6th generation to be working for the business, and is currently CEO. J.L. Kinley is the Chairman of the Board, and is leading the transition from one generation to the next. 

A snapshot of our current role in operations:


  • Partner / CEO – Kinley Corporation Parent (celebrating 110 years in operations from Timber, to Oil & Gas, to Real Estate to Construction)

  • CEO – Kinley Corp of New York (a commercial general contractor in Allegany, NY and a division of Kinley Corp Parent)

  • Partner / CEO – Wish to Play, LLC (building playhouses for make-a-wish and other clients in DFW area)

  • Partner / Founder – Heart of Gold, LLC (holding company for a Grounds and Gold Co., a coffee shop opening in 2020, and Gold Ribbon Confections, a local specialty bakery operated by Maurice Ahern and started in honor of his son, Micah Ahern who passed away from cancer at the age of 7).

  • Owner / Founder – Kinley Consulting, LLC (business management consulting, and the “engine” behind these new operations)

  • Owner / Founder – Become Greater, LLC (private equity company, and the “behind the scenes” mindset for these operations)

  • Board of Directors – One World Sports Association (International Non-Profit bringing people together through sports)


A summary of opportunities on the horizon:

  • Focusing and Enhancing the services provided Kinley Consulting, LLC; specifically, focusing on the “intangibles” in helping businesses manage the transition from one generation to the next.

  • Getting a new café opened in Dalworthington Gardens, with Heart of Gold, LLC as the holding company.

  • New Partnership focused on real estate investment, mainly multi-family units in need of rehab and / or ownership restructuring.

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